A California native, Rachel Uchizono spent years in New York, where the varied landscapes and seasonal changes of the northeast inspired her affinity for the outdoors. Now a resident of Laguna Beach, Rachel began to formalize her love for the wilderness through painting. Many of her works capture the myriad of light and color prevalent in the California coastline’s landscapes and seascapes. Her still life paintings echo this sensitivity to light, shadow and the vivid colors of native flowers and foliage.

Rachel Uchizono has devoted the last several years to studying and refining her skills in the "plein air" tradition. She exhibits at Studio 7 Gallery in Laguna Beach.

"California provides a remarkable landscape for capturing the play of light and color in nature. I actively pursue inspiration from wild and undiscovered locations, seeking a unique view of this magnificent region of the country."


2017 (Since 2003) Sawdust Festival - Laguna Beach, CA
2016 (Since 2001) Studio 7 Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA
2013 LPAPA Best of Plein Air show
2011 Laguna Museum Annual Art Auction
2009 High Noon Show - Phoenix, AZ
2008 LPAPA Best of Plein Air show
2006 Borrego Springs Invitational
2005 Maynard Dixon Artist in residence
2004-2005 Crystal Cove Alliance Invitational
2004 Laguna Art Museum Auction received "Artist's Choice Award"
2002 Art Affair - Laguna Beach, CA
2001-2013 Studio 7 Gallery North